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We are highly experienced in handling various litigation proceedings, through all types of tribunals, including appearances in front of all courts and levels of judicial panels.
While keeping our clients' goals and business plans as top priority, we strive to handle all legal disputes efficiently and cost-effectively and determine, along with our clients, of the best way litigation will serve our client's interests.
The firm's litigation stretches through a wide range of different entities, including leading commercial groups, industrial companies in low or high tech, municipal entities, financial institutions, shareholders and also individuals, both local and foreign, for whom we handle disputes regarding Corporate and Commercial Laws, Banking, Technology, Tenders, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Class Actions, Injunctions  and more.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

As the field of ADR is rapidly growing worldwide, to the effect of gradually becoming a parallel track to the traditional court system, we bring our many years of legal experience and business knowledge in this area, implementing our knowledge and experience in all types of ADR Proceedings including Mediation, Arbitration and Strategic Negotiation towards agreement-based solutions for the benefit of the clients.
We have acquired comprehensive experience in complex Commercial Arbitration procedures, in Israel as well as the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
In addition, we also advise and represent our clients in sensitive mediation proceedings, concerning commercial disputes involving family members or partners, which require a maximum confidential procedure handled by highly sensitive representors.


Corporate and Commercial

We provide a one stop shop for local and foreign clients across a broad spectrum of industries, seeking legal guidance empowered by our legal expertise, practical experience and business insight for their ongoing activities, as well as those in need of legal advice for specific matters or crises.
We are highly experienced in representing Private companies, Joint Ventures and Partnerships of various extents, through Public Companies and Multinational Corporations, as well as individuals. We also advise Boards of Directors, senior management and shareholders with related corporate issues including regulations and compliance.
Our wide range of services in this field include: drafting all commercial agreements, handling negotiations with business partners, regulatory and corporate governance including Competition and Antitrust, Employment related matters, Intellectual Property, Tender and Exchange offers, Licensing and Franchising issues, Privacy Compliance matters (including GDPR rules) and more.


Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Transactions

Our vast legal experience and business insight enable us to efficiently represent our clients through mergers or acquisitions transactions and on varied investment issues.
We are highly experienced in representing acquired companies as well as purchasers, Startups, private investors and venture capitalists through the process, commencing at the stage of professionally planning the transaction while evaluating risks and considering a wide array of future possible events and scenarios, continuing with negotiations as well as Due Diligence procedure if required, proceeding to the drafting of the agreements in addition to any related documents, and completing the transaction throughout obtaining all relevant regulatory requirements.
Our goal is to conclude a transaction that suits our client's aspirations and business requirements, through creatively implementing our comprehensive legal knowledge and experience.


Labor and Employment Law

We advise our clients, mainly companies and corporations, on day-to-day Employment issues and workplace law.  
An important aspect of our practice is to work with employers to take proactive steps in order to avoid litigation by assisting our clients in drafting and modifying employee policies and agreements. We also conduct onsite seminars for clients on relevant employment topics.

We are experienced with the legal handling of Labor Law issues such as non-competition and non-solicitation provisions in employment and other contracts, protection of trade secrets, employee's protection laws, employment discrimination, collective agreements and more.

Our practice includes the legal representation of our clients in employment-related litigation cases, including against individual law suits and class actions.


Real Estate, Construction and Development

We have extensive experience in handling all legal aspects of Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Residential Real Estate matters, and provide our clients with legal counsel in a broad variety of projects and transactions leading to comprehensive solutions through all stages of Acquisition, Planning, Development and Construction.
Our legal services in these fields include drafting all contracts and agreements, accompanying Acquisitions, Purchase and Sales of property assets, Joint Ventures and Foreign Investments, Evacuation and Construction Transactions (‘Pinui-Binui’) and agreements according to the National Outline Plan known as "Tama 38".
In addition, we represent the firm's clients in property disputes litigation matters, in courts as well as in arbitration tribunals, in which we efficiently and effectively help our clients to resolve complex property disputes.

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