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Founding Partner

Adv. Dani Nissim  practices litigation with extensive experience managing varied litigation proceedings, and exceptional specialties in highly complexed litigation cases.

During many years of legal practice, successfully managing and leading various litigation proceedings, Adv. Nissim has obtained the tools to look ahead and foresee the development of conflicts and consult clients accordingly, managing such disputes efficiently and successfully.

Adv. Nissim is experienced in all fields of litigation, including Commercial, Civil and Administrative Litigation, complex Contracts issues, Public and Private Companies matters, Real-estate and Development projects, Intellectual Property, and many other business oriented litigation. Adv. Nissim has well established experience in all civil and administrative jurisdictions and tribunals, including the Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice.

Adv. Nissim also provides Legal Guidance, sharing his vast experience dealing with major disputes and conflicts handled by him, including some of the most significant amongst the Israeli economy.


Adv. Nissim is guided by high standards with every aspect. In surveys conducted by BDI in 2011 among attorneys, Adv. Nissim was chosen as one of the most promising attorneys in Israel and on the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Adv. Nissim was chosen as one of the Leading Lawyers in Israel by BdiCODE*.

Dani is experienced in representing a wide variety of clients, including public companies, private companies, international conglomerates (such as pharmaceutical companies, investing banks etc.) as well as private businessmen and businesswomen, investors and other individuals, each with their unique characteristics and needs.

Dani was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1995.

Contact Adv. Dani Nissim

Phone: 972-3-6254000, Fax: 972-3-6254040

Chamber of Commerce House,

84 Hashmonaim St., 5th Floor, Tel-Aviv 6713203

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